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We have a responsibility of giving the upcoming generation a global competitive advantage through technology. South Africa’s GDP is predicated on production and by distributing digital skills to the upcoming generation, this won’t only make South Africa relevant, but it will also make us responsible pioneers and create the future we would all be proud of.
South Africa has a youth unemployment (considered between 18-35 years) of 74.6% (5.4 Million out of 7.2 Million unemployed people) and automation will displace more than 50% of the current workforce translating them to unemployment according to the spectator index in sectors such as retail, accountancy, law, manufacturing, health and any other repetitive orientated jobs.
On the other hand, AI will introduce 2.3 million jobs in the market and they all rely on one thing, readiness. For us to navigate around the digital economy it is important that we use it to boost our GDP which can be accomplished by individuals who actively participate in the economy and indicators have shown that ICT skills are the best way to prepare our future labourers and entrepreneurs.
In today’s fast-evolving world, the potential of our youth remains one of our greatest assets, and nurturing this potential is at the heart of the BrightSolver Partner Development Programme. This holistic initiative, birthed from a strategic partnership between BrightSolver , through strategic partnerships with over 10 000 local and international companies, aim to equip the young minds with a versatile set of skills and opportunities tailored to their individual aspirations and market realities.
Beyond mere skills acquisition, the program is set to create a ripple effect of socio-economic benefits across South Africa and greater Africa respectively. By empowering the youth, we are not just fostering individual successes; we are investing in the broader narrative of national progress, promoting job creation, boosting innovation, and paving the way for a more prosperous future. With each participant we train, mentor, or incubate, we are making a conscious investment in Southern Africa’s future, ensuring that South Africa remains at the forefront of the global digital economy.
Furthermore, this programme underscores BrightSolver’s commitment to driving positive change and sustainable development in Southern Africa. It’s a testament to our belief in the boundless potential of South African youth. By creating a platform that seamlessly blends training, mentorship, and practical entrepreneurial experiences, we are building bridges to a future where every young South African has the tools, knowledge, and support to make their mark in the world. In addition to empowering young entrepreneurs, the programme also caters to career-driven professionals, offering them tailored pathways to sharpen their skills and navigate the complexities of the modern, digital-oriented workplace with confidence and competence.
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