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Our business is built on the three pillars of Trust, Technique and Technology. This three-pronged approach enables us to maximise convenience and efficiency for both – our client governments as well as applicants.

At BrightSolver, we acknowledge that gaining and maintaining the trust of our clients is critical to our success, and that is why it is a truly revered value for us. Our conduct, actions, and all our business dealings are designed to nurture and enhance the trust of our clients. Trust comes from honouring our commitments and exceeding customer expectations continuously. To ensure the highest levels of business ethics and business performance, we invest heavily in security and other control systems, and fostering a work culture grounded in highest ethical and performance standards.


BrightSolver Group maintains and promotes a corporate culture and behaviour in which honesty, integrity and respect for the law are viewed as essential to achieving desired success. BrightSolver’s ethical and behavioural principles, which apply across the company’s global operations, are enshrined and explained in its Code of Conduct, which is intended to serve as a guide to its corporate and employee ethical behaviour. This Code is supplemented by more detailed internal regulations, policies and guidelines issued by the BrightSolver Group of companies, which are applicable to specific geographic areas and/or fields of activities of BrightSolver.The BrightSolver Code of Conduct is an integral part of BrightSolver’s corporate culture and is binding upon BrightSOlver’s Executive Board, Management and all personnel of the BrightSolver Group of companies, as well as to all Facility Management Companies (FMC).

BrightSolver is your ultimate Advisory Service company, bringing local and global solutions to the public, small businesses, corporates and governments respectively.


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