Verification & Attestation Services

Verification & Attestation Services

BrightSolver launched its Verification Services in early 2016 with the purpose of providing screening solutions for client projects or requests. A team of background screening specialists with a combined experience of 25 years have the capability to provide Verification Services anywhere around the world with stringent adherence to the global quality assurance standards and robust security systems. With shrinking geographical boundaries and increased use of information technology, misrepresentation of facts and falsification of documents have become common practices. Failure to perform background checks in today’s global scenario can be a huge risk. In 2016, recognising the urgent need to vet the credentials of individual and corporate end-users in order to mitigate the risks of wrongful persons entering partner countries, BrightSolver launched the verification process to add value to the client’s processes. Having a global reach and local expertise, BrightSolver understands that there is a vital need for a well networked, scalable and professionally managed verification process to authenticate available information and supporting documents. Verifications team through its commitment to Quality, Authenticity and Reliability assures its business associates of correct reports without any prejudice; efficient turnaround times; and complete confidentiality.


Attestation is the process of authenticating certificates and documents for genuineness. In some client environments it is also referred to as Authentication and Legalisation. This is a process of legalisation required by some companies and governments for confirmation and fraud prevention. What VFS Global can offer: BrightSolver can offer a single stop service station to undertake multi-country attestation services for various nationalities. BrightSolver already has an impressive global operational network with expertise and skill.

BrightSolver is your ultimate Advisory Service company, bringing local and global solutions to the public, small businesses, corporates and governments respectively.


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