Security & Biometric Technologies

Security & Biometric Technologies

Delivering the requirements of our customers and providing value for money is important to BrightSolver. We understand the challenges around global service requests to balance facilitation with security. Many clients are now turning to biometric technology to help them achieve this balance and improve their security and identity management processes.


We have leveraged our rich experience in providing biometric processing facilities for the corporate and other government clients to develop and improve our services around this technology and we are now able to offer our clients a secure and integrated biometric solution, including hardware and software, messaging and integration.


Our biometric solution can be deployed in a fixed or as a mobile clinic. Specific operational requirements such as seasonal peaks can be accommodated in a number of ways with flexible and compliant operational processes. Our systems can be integrated with our client’s own systems and are compliant with international data security standards. The data we collect is securely encrypted and immediately sent to our clients as part of the end-to-end application process. Our partners have a worldwide reputation in biometrics and identity management and we have developed a strong service management capability with them to provide a secure, flexible and resilient operational platform. We can provide- A single tenancy solution: front office dedicated to single client, full range of application and enrolment services, underpinned by a secure technical solution. Multi mission/agency solutions: front office co-habited by several clients, full range of services as required by individual clients, hosted in the front office, underpinned by secure technical solution, allowing full data security and segregation. As a company we are now able to offer application and biometric processing services across a range of official client processes, for example: business procedure processes, residence permits/identity cards, passports and driving licenses. We also provide an identity checking service for our clients and their customers. Each of these services can be adapted to our clients’ requirements and are delivered to the highest standards.

BrightSolver is your ultimate Advisory Service company, bringing local and global solutions to the public, small businesses, corporates and governments respectively.


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