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BrightSolver Group (hereinafter referred to as “BrightSolver”) respects your privacy. Like all other websites, we may collect certain information from you voluntarily. For more information, we request you to read on the remaining part of the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy of BrightSolver describes how the information furnished by you as a visa applicant and user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) is collected, used, stored, transferred and made available to BrightSolver’s contracting party, affiliates, governments, law enforcement agencies, authorities and other agencies. By accepting the Privacy Policy, the User expressly consents to the Privacy Policy of BrightSolver.

Information Collection:

All information, posted, furnished and submitted by the User while scheduling an interview appointment online is converted into such formats as may be required and communicated to the respective Embassy/Consulate in the country of residence. The information so collected may be stored, transferred and shared by BrightSolver, or any of its affiliated agencies, partners and any law enforcement agencies as would be required under law and mentioned herein. BrightSolver may collect all information furnished by the User, and identifiable by the passport number, portal, server, I.P address etc., which is traceable in relation to BrightSolver website or in relation thereto, such as IP address, E-mail address, contact detail information and other information like transactional information of User’s online usage, IP address, log-on information and standard web log information etc.

User gives consent to BrightSolver to capture audio signals / video images at the Visa Application Centre, record such captured audio signals/video images on CD/DVD or other formats or any other medium to any place for the purposes relating to the visa facilitation process.

Purpose of Collection:

The predominant purpose in collecting, storing, transferring or sharing the information is to:
Provide complete and accurate information on the User and applications to the Embassy / Consulate.
Prevent misuse, abuse, mischievous intent, prohibited or illegal use and hacking by the User through any means and to address any security issues.
Customise, measure and improve our services and website content and layout.

To transmit, stream and store audio signals / video images on real time or quasi real time basis to any place in any mode including storage in the form of CD/DVD for purposes of providing visa facilitation services, Visas and generally to provide and communicate any of the above to our contracting party, affiliate/s, principal, governments, law enforcement agencies, authorities and other agencies to respond to legal requirements, protect any one’s right, property, safety or, allegation of fraud, misuse, abuse, mischievous intent or investigations. And generally to provide and communicate any of the above to our contracting party, affiliate/s, principal, governments, law enforcement agencies, authorities and other agencies to respond to legal requirements, protect any one’s right, property, safety or, allegation of fraud, misuse, abuse, mischievous intent or investigations.


Cookies are files or pieces of information that may be stored on your system or internet enabled devices when you visit the BrightSolver website. Once you access the BrightSolver website, you consent to our use of cookies. If you do not agree to our use of cookies, you should not use our website. If the cookies that we use are disabled, it may impact the user experience of our website. BrightSolver uses cookies to make the website simpler to use. We cannot identify you personally from this information. A few important things User should know about cookies are that:
BrightSolver offers certain features that are only available through the use of cookies.
BrightSolver uses cookies to help identify the User and maintain their signed-in status.
Most cookies are "session cookies," meaning that they are automatically deleted from the User’s hard drive at the end of a session. “Persistent cookies” remain in place across multiple visits to our websites.
The User is always free to decline BrightSolver’s cookies if their browser permits, although doing so may interfere with the User’s use of the website.

The User may encounter cookies from any links or third parties on certain pages of the website that BrightSolver does not control. For example, if the User views a BrightSolver page created by another user, there may be a "cookie" placed by that BrightSolver page. BrightSolver and its contracting parties, principals, affiliate/s, among others, do not tolerate spam The User is/are not licensed, permitted, expected to add, modify, deface, hack, misuse or abuse BrightSolver’s website or the contents therein. To report any issues related to spam or spoof emails to BrightSolver, please address e-mails to The User may not use BrightSolver’s communication tools or webpage to send spam or otherwise send content that would violate our user agreement. BrightSolver filters and automatically scans messages for viruses and other illegal or prohibited content before they are sent. BrightSolver does not permanently store email messages sent to or by it through various formats. BrightSolver does not rent or sell any email addresses or any other applicant information to third parties.

User Account Information, Password & Personal Information:

The User’s passport, fee receipt number, date of birth and name are key to the User’s account. The User is advised to exercise caution in disclosing the User’s information and not to disclose the same to anyone. If the User shares his/her password or personal information with others, the User will be solely responsible for all actions taken in the name of the User’s account. If the User loses control of the same, the User may lose substantial control over the User’s personal information and may be subject to legally binding actions for actions taken on through their account or on the User’s behalf. Therefore, if the User’s password or personal information has been compromised for any reason, the User should immediately notify BrightSolver in writing and ensure appropriate safety and security measures.

Links to other websites:

At various points throughout the website you may be offered automatic links to other internet websites including the /Mission or third-party websites that may be relevant to a particular aspect of this website. This does not indicate that BrightSolver is necessarily associated with any of these other websites. Whilst it is the intention of BrightSolver that you should find these other websites of interest, neither BrightSolver, nor their officers, employees and agents shall have any responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever for these other websites or any information contained in them, none of which have been verified or endorsed by BrightSolver or affiliates.


Minors are not permitted to use the services available on BrightSolver website. BrightSolver does not, knowingly or intentionally, collect any personal information from any person who is a minor, and does not use the information if it comes to know that the same has been provided by a minor.

Accessing, Reviewing & Modifying Personal and Other Information:

User can see, review and change most of their personal information by logging into the website. Generally, BrightSolver will not manually modify a user’s personal information because it is very difficult to verify any user’s identity or other details. User must promptly update user’s personal information if it changes or is inaccurate. Once the user submits any information, they will be able to change or remove it only up to 48 hours before the time and date of the interview. BrightSolver retains personal information of users in order to comply with law, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce the Terms of Use and take other actions otherwise permitted by law. You accord consent for BrightSolver to capture audio signals / video images at the Business Application Centre, transmit and stream the same on real time or quasi real time basis, store and/or make available recordings of such audio signals/video images on CD/DVD format or any other medium to any place whether in India or otherwise in any mode for purposes relating to the visa facilitation process.

Right to withdraw your consent:

BrightSolver respects your privacy and gives you an option not to provide information or data that needs to be submitted. You can withdraw your consent that was given to BrightSolver earlier. However, the same needs be communicated to BrightSolver in writing. In which case, your application would be withdrawn and BrightSolver will not be able to provide the administrative support services.


BrightSolver shall not be held responsible for the authenticity or accuracy of the information provided by the User. It shall be the duty of the User to ensure that the information provided to BrightSolver is accurate.

Disclosure of Information:

BrightSolver may need to disclose information when required by law. BrightSolver shall disclose information in good-faith when it is necessary to comply with a court order, any on-going judicial proceeding, or other legal process served on BrightSolver or to exercise the legal rights or defend against legal claims. BrightSolver may also disclose the information if the disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the Terms of Use. Further, in any event of a merger, or sale or re-structuring, BrightSolver may transfer or assign any and all personal information to the appropriate party.


The User’s information is stored on BrightSolver’s servers. BrightSolver treats data as an asset that must be protected and uses tools like encryption, passwords, physical security, firewalls, and other security features and measures to protect its website and user’s personal information against unauthorised disclosure, access, misuse, abuse, hacking etc. However, sometimes the third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, and other users may abuse or misuse the User’s personal information that they may collect from the website for which BrightSolver shall not be liable. Therefore, although BrightSolver works very hard to protect users’ privacy, it cannot guarantee the User that personal information or private communications will always remain private and secure

Retention & Destruction:

Application packages/data/personal information collected from the User will not be copied or retained by BrightSolver. Any other paper, hard copies, forms or other records containing personal information will be destroyed by a secure shredding process as per the duration specified and mandated by the respective Client. being served by BrightSolver.

The User’s personal information may be retained in electronic form for a duration specified by the respective Client Governments being served by BrightSolver, after a passport and documents have been returned to the User for the purposes of assisting the User should they contact BrightSolver with the follow-up questions. BrightSolver performs secure disposal or destruction of the personal information or the equipment or devices used for storing personal information. When disposing of or destroying personal information, BrightSolver takes appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access and when disposing of equipment or devices used for storing personal information (such as filing cabinets, computers, diskettes, and audio tapes), take appropriate measures to remove or delete any stored information or otherwise to prevent access by the unauthorized parties.


The contents of this Privacy Policy may be changed at any time and the User will be subject to terms as applicable at the time of usage. If at any time you believe that BrightSolver has not adhered to the Privacy Policy, please inform us by e-mail at and we will make all commercially reasonable efforts and steps to promptly determine and resolve the issue.

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