IT & Data Security

BrightSolver has implemented advanced technological solutions such as secured capture and transfer of biometric data alongside the fulfilment of hardware requirements, software integration and enrolment solutions for database management, offshore data mining processes, customised IT solutions, software and systems integration, etc.
To comply with IT security and data protection requirements, BrightSolver has implemented Processes & Technologies as per industry best practices. An independent audit of security systems is regularly conducted by leading organisations involved in Information Security Consultancy. Some of our proactive INFOSEC solutions include the following: Vulnerability assessment, penetration and stress testing, Hardening and base lining all servers and devices, 24/7 event monitoring of firewalls and servers, Network management systems, Software security code review by third-party vendors and application security testing and technical audits

Information Security

BrightSolver has won several awards and recognitions for the efforts taken in implementing enterprise wide Information Security Processes. As our client you can be assured of a high degree of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and most importantly, protection of information at all times. BrightSolver has engaged leading security solutions and security product companies, to strengthen our information security system. The company has deployed state-of-the-art technical infrastructure coupled with robust processes for ensuring high degree of confidentiality, availability and integrity of data. BrightSolver has employed a centralised IT system architecture. The architecture follows a ‘defence-in-depth’ topology with various security devices implemented for protecting the IT Infrastructure. BrightSolver has a robust data purging policy that is linked to contractual obligations with its customers. All data is periodically purged as per an agreed schedule and periodically verified through audits. BrightSolver recognises that employee awareness and participation are keys to improved INFOSEC posture and compliance. Hence, BrightSolver has developed and deployed a Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure that information security awareness amongst employees and partner staff is always of the highest standards.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, risk control and compliance are of paramount importance at BrightSolver. We have a dedicated information security team to continuously track and resolve Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) matters, thus ensuring a very high level of compliance to standards and best practices. BrightSolver has until recently been focusing on the specific demands of particular customers and meeting their specifications and requirements.