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Every day we bring opportunities to many unemployed youths in Africa.
With our BrightCAP™ Platform we avail internal and external job opportunities.


Being a leading global identity management solutions and technology company , BrightSolver nurtures talent across the organisation to produce global leaders and dynamic international employees. The company believes in fostering a work environment conducive to the employee’s overall well-being and career growth. As employer, we offer a wide array of opportunities catering to the needs of employees who aspire to take up challenging jobs and career paths within the organisation, locally as well as globally. As an organisation we have formulated our human resource policies based on our core business values of attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent in the industry, and, over a period of time, developing them into global leaders.

Learning is an integral part of our culture, and we train and develop our employees and equip them with the latest knowledge, skills and cutting-edge technologies through a series of training interventions. Every employee receives extensive mentoring from their seniors, enabling them to increase their efficiency and productivity. We at BrightSolver commit ourselves to imbibe the best human resource practices in dealing with our most important asset, our people. We understand the importance of attracting and retaining the best of talent and hence we have designed our People Strategy to offer a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) which aims to bring out the best in our people and assist them in developing themselves to their maximum potential.

Our Culture

Our culture revolves around our core value of treating all people with positive esteem, dignity and consideration. We are proud to be associated with and working in diverse cultural environments and have successfully been able to nurture and grow talent from various backgrounds in various countries. As a truly global organisation, BrightSolver has adopted an equal-opportunity culture that enables a fair process of recruitment and empanelment without considering nationality, gender, religion, or age. This enables us to bring together our employees, clients and business partners across the globe to create a world-class workplace. Our Human Resources (HR) department is committed to helping employees to perform and realise their fullest potential while respecting their diversity thereby designing and deploying practices that are: Equitable, firm but fair , Enabling , Quality- and merit-oriented, Democratic, participative and competitive

Pioneering is one of our core values at BrightSolver, and we are proud to have a talented, intelligent and creative workforce. All talented and creative employees receive due recognition and are rewarded accordingly. In an endeavour to create a flexible work culture, BrightSolver, as an employer encourages:
Freedom of choice and expression , An environment for individual drive and growth , Room for innovation and creativity , Acceptance of risk-taking , A congenial workplace

Talent Management, Rewards and Benefits

“TALENT” is an HR initiative at BrightSolver to ensure that our employees are in an environment that enables them to perform at the best of their abilities. The performance management system and succession planning model contribute significantly towards our objective of creating a constructive feedback mechanism that encourages continuous learning and identification of high potential performers. The performance metrics that are emphasised and measured by our systems align with customer’s and organisation’s requirements. Customer satisfaction indices, information security standards, application processing timings and error rates are some metrics which illustrate this alignment.

Our rewards and recognition programmes are based on recognising individual and team contributions as well as rewarding superior performance. We continuously monitor market trends and benchmarks to offer the best compensation to our employees. BrightSolver’s total rewards pay special attention to the employee’s well-being. Further we assist the employees and their families with healthcare benefits and provide medical, accidental and hospitalisation coverage to meet unforeseen eventualities.

Information Security and Background Check

As a trusted partner to our clients we ensure that we live the value of trust and integrity and our HR department strives in ensuring information security through following measures:
No employee, irrespective of level or function, is allowed to join the organisation without detailed background verification.
Senior positions at new locations are usually deputed from existing talent pool within the organisation.
Outsourced and contractual staff members are hired after detailed background checks and their contracts and terms of service are frequently reviewed.
Regular employees are rotated within different operational and functional areas.

As custodians of organisation’s values and culture, our HR department sensitises our employees in handling confidential information that they would have access to during the course of their work. Employees are well aware that there is zero tolerance for any effort to influence decision on an application or for indulging in behaviours that breach our code of conduct.

Training and Development

Our success is based on the empowerment of our employees. It is our belief that an organisation can improve only by engaging its employees as strategic partners. We have taken considerable amount of efforts to create career path with clear development opportunities for our employees. Our learning and development programmes provide the competitive edge to our employees to catalyse our growth strategy. BrightCAP™ Foundation is our entry-level training programme through which an employee is inducted. In addition, we have designed programmes focused on different aspects of customer service, such as basic and advanced communication skills, customer complaint handling ability and sales techniques. Our programmes based on team work, managerial skills, time management, ability to coach, and people management create a positive learning environment for all our employees.

Customer orientation, supervisory skills and leadership programmes are conducted in all our regions and increasingly in local languages. While our Potential Development Centres, Supervisor Development Centres and Management Development programmes equip our employees to take up roles of higher responsibilities, Advance Strategy training helps us develop leaders who have holistic view. Reaching out to our vast employee base, spread across the globe, is a challenge that BrightSolver is tackling by leveraging technology. In an effort to address this, all our new programmes are being developed in an e-learning format to ensure a wider reach. We have, therefore, invested in an online “Learning Management System” to provide various modules across geographies at click of a button. This system is made available to all employees on their desktops and provides an effective tool through which the learning of each employee can be monitored. Apart from customised training programmes, we also offer external training programmes, such as PMP Certification, Six Sigma, Thomas Profiling by Thomas international, International Business Etiquette, etc.

BrightSolver is your ultimate Advisory Service company, bringing local and global solutions to the public, small businesses, corporates and governments respectively.


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