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BrightCAP™ NVC Programme

The BrightCAP™ NVC Programme is a comprehensive youth and women empowerment and job creation initiative developed by the Afrika Leadership Development Institute NPC (Lead Afrika) and BrightSolver (Pty) Ltd, with its intent of assisting the marginalised youth and women, entrepreneurs and small businesses in South Africa.

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Probelm Statement

In South Africa, the un-employment rate is very high compared to first world countries and hence the idea could only be great in Africa – which the BrightCAP™ NVC Programme stakeholders quickly began a long-term survey and analysis of unemployed youth and small businesses in Southern Africa. Trying to find that common problem. “Access to Money”, “Access to Information” and “Access to Support on Demand”. “BrightCAP™ NVC Programme soon started to realise that this is something that will be valuable and help millions of people from suffering due to unemployment and poverty.” At the same time, we open a new job market for youths and other creative people that might have a dream of starting their own business helping others.

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BrightCAP™ NVC Programme Service

The programme uses internal turnkey service solutions with developed innovative technologies for a comprehensive clearing house system to channel youth and women with a range of different skill levels and profiles into four types of opportunities, grouped under 4 strategic structures with additional opportunities and programmes built into the eco-system.

  • Financial Solutions:Offering suitable services for small businesses to assist in start-up, growth and expansion opportunities.
  • Marketing Solutions:Promote an ecosystem amongst a community to trade amongst themselves but to also to create export opportunities.
  • Sales Solutions:The BrightCAP™ NVC Programme is all about growth and opportunity for its members and intends to offer high level access to growth through the network
  • BPO Solutions:Our solutions are all integrated. We have developed the BrightCAP and BrightSolver Capital platforms as the gateway to maximising the exposure of its members

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