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BrightSolver's Business Processing Services is an end-to-end solution. This solution has evolved into a seamless process which includes information dissemination, automated application and appointment systems, helplines, collection and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment, and convenient value added services to enhance the applicant experience.

Over the years, our technology-driven innovative solutions have revolutionised the way business process services are managed since our inception . Below is a detailed explanation of each of our service portfolio:


BrightSolver’s capabilities of disseminating information via printed matter, media, internet and call centre solutions services. Taking documented forms and printed material at designated at BrightCAP™ Processing Centres, for any particular client. In some instances, a dedicated website are developed for each specific project; all relevant information can be accessed through the same, including downloading a blank processing form. We provide personalised guidance to members/clients/partners. We have highly trained personnel for responding to enquiries by telephone, postal mail and email. We constantly educating and advising portfolio managers, internal agents and 3rd parties. This allowing for the creation, maintenance and immediate updating of information, thus enabling online and tracking the progress of members services requests.


Accept business service applications across the counter, after reviewing them for completeness and validity, based on checklists supplied by the client partners. Checklists are signed by applicant and staff before acceptance. BrightSolver accepts critical and supporting documents after required pre-scrutiny. We have a dedicated staff compliment to counsel members/end-users whose service requests are invalid for any reason and require further documentation. As a policy, BrightSolver would never reject any service request from an applicant who insists on proceeding despite being forewarned that the application is invalid; in such a situation, BrightSolver would annotate the checklist with a remark that the applicant has elected to proceed despite being made aware that his application is invalid as per the checklist. We at BrightSolver have strict adherence to a checklist, neutrality over acceptance of service request and have a no refusal of application for services requested.


Currently supporting application information services for customers in Southern Africa. With a dedicated help desk service, handling large call volumes and emails in multiple languages. With BrightSolver’s Call centre capacities, with uniform service levels, product offerings, and operation windows across all areas. With a dedicated email services, allowing a standardised email response, customised into multilingual offerings.


With a strategic arm of the company, we allow for all relevant payment related information updated on the project website. giving access to financial partners with trusted banking partners. With a dedicated unique payment confirmation process to avoid fraud. BrightSolver has the ability to have real-time database updates on fee collections. Having these specialised offerings, we apply multiple modes of fee collection, online, banking instruments, EFT, cash, cards, etc. With our strategic deployment partners, this has been demonstrated in its capability to collect fees in 54 countries. With our unique relationships and having partnered with local banks in each country, to successfully transfer fees within 24 hours.


Our Biometrics Enrolment solutions offer: Finger, facial, dual iris and signature capture, Mobile capability deployed to suit operational requirements, compliance to all relevant international standards, End-to-end biometric solutions and systems integration, Easy accessibility of enrolment centres, Solutions integrating technology, people and processes and Identity checking and authentication capabilities


It is a standard operating procedure for us to batch process services as per the guidelines of our client governments. All submissions are monitored carefully to ensure consistency in meeting timelines. As a policy, all staff members are trained to multitask. This enables us to periodically rotate the staff amongst various functions. Such rotation ensures that no employee develops a vested interest in any position. All transactions are carried out by a minimum of two persons, with an electronic/paper trail of input, handover and takeover. This ensures that there can be no fraudulent insertion or removal of papers, nor any data capture with intent of fraud. Physical and electronic entries of business service requests for each day are verified to ensure 100% reconciliation of funds and service requests.


BrightSolver has extensive experience in capturing text and photo-image data, for uploading into the systems of client partners. The data is uploaded via online file transfer, creation of data barcodes for subsequent scanning, USB Hardrives or CD-ROM.


BrightSolver synchronises the submission of requests with the portfolio management section to facilitate the process of scrutiny. All applications are sorted and indexed by prescribed criteria such as business services category, priority case, previous refusal, etc. They are then submitted in consolidated lots, at appointed times.


Having successfully scheduled over five million service requests for various company clients in Southern Africa, BrightSolver offers the following services pertaining to Appointment Scheduling: Client Partner administration modules, End-User interface view, Mechanism to schedule emergency service slots, One-to-one match of end-user to appointment service request, Provide client partner reports on service appointment requests and other Management Information System (MIS) data. BrightSolver has a proprietary ‘Service Request Scheduling System’ that can be programmed to create slot capacity by parameters of date, time-range and visa type. Our system can even allocate a queue number at the time of making an appointment. It gives complete flexibility to the services section. The system controls duplicate appointments, by ensuring that no applicant is allowed to book multiple service request appointments, using the same name and identification number.


Having successfully handled over 5 million deliveries, with ‘zero loss’ in our logistic services operations, BrightSolver offers the following services relating to Return Delivery of Passport services: Partner with trusted local couriers, Proven barcode techniques, Multiple points of delivery, Ability to track status of document delivery, Hub-and-spoke model for widespread service delivery ,for both inter and intra-country coverage, Ability to deliver documents without risk of loss, with a track-record of meeting the required standard, over 99.99% of the time. All business services are logged onto our electronic tracking system immediately after acceptance at an BrightCAP™ Processing Centre, by assigning a barcode to each passport. The movement of the passport and related documents are tracked by barcode scans at each step of the process (i.e. counter to back office, back office to Ops Hub, Ops Hub to visa section, and so on).

BrightSolver is your ultimate Advisory Service company, bringing local and global solutions to the public, small businesses, corporates and governments respectively.


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